Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 11/03/2023
UPC: 708527037416

Pure Photonic Matter, Vol. 2 [Limited Edition]
Artist: Photon Band
Format: Vinyl


1. Track 1
2. Greetings, Precious Ones
3. Track 3
4. I Was Free, I Was Fried
5. Track 5
6. What's a Body to Do?
7. Track 7
8. Out of My Head
9. Track 9
10. Set it Free (The Energy)
11. Track 11
12. Skin Close to the Bone
13. Track 13
14. When the Wind Is...
15. Track 15
16. ...Blowing Backwards?
17. Track 17
18. When I Fall Out of the Sky
19. 1
20. Found in Space Again
21. 1
22. Dude, Leave the Headphones On
23. 1
24. I'm Still Me

More Info:

Vinyl LP pressing. Art DiFuria's Photon Band is back with a collection of new sound-of-1968 psychedelic pop rock songs that will make you wonder how producer Michael Nesmith kept a side band of Keef, Syd B, Peter T, and Roky E a secret. The Photon Band often evoke that period of hard rock post-Sergeant Pepper, when things started to get serious. Rock culture was still counter-culture, the medium's message was of new values, anti-materialism, eastern philosophy and liberation from society's aged constraints.