Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 01/28/2022
UPC: 709388062401

Another Mother Pt. 1 / Another Mother Pt. 2 [Limited Edition]
Artist: Soul's Path Ensemble
Format: Vinyl


1. Another Mother Pt. 1
2. Another Mother Pt. 2

More Info:

Under the tutelage of the trumpet player, Joel Ricci aka Lucky Brown, Soul's Path Ensemble brings you two sultry, raw instrumentals. "Another Mother Pt. 1" is a big-kick drum, head nodding, Soul-style spinner where the circular structure keeps it's Funk-pass intact. And if Part 1 is the theme song for slowly strutting into your favorite music hall with the utmost style, Part 2 plays center stage as the go-to platter for Boogie and Disco DJ's dead set on getting flowers off the wall and onto the floor. Soul's Path Ensemble is an homage to that combination of instruments that evoke a by-gone musical era based on a warm, homegrown, funk.