Format: Vinyl
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/23/2023
UPC: 711297539615

Heavy Hymnal [LP]
Artist: Vintage Trouble
Format: Vinyl


1. Who I Am
2. You Already Know
3. Not The One
4. Baby What You Do
5. Feelin’ On
6. The Love That Once Lingered (feat. Lady Blackbird)
7. Alright Alright
8. Holla!
9. Shinin’
10. Repeating History

More Info:

History has proven that when the world is in flames, it ignites the empathetic artists to siren their words, music, and rhythm, to blanket our society’s fury and nurse scorched souls. The seemingly endless years of pandemic lockdown and social distancing, coupled with the turbulent plague of civil unrest and racial injustice, called on Vintage Trouble to step into their battle wear. Like so often before, they have spun records to drop onto the fighting grounds, with the intent to freeze the frame long enough to momentarily halt the warring world.  And while at ease, we can freely choose to think before we strike or decide to retreat, rather than thoughtlessly charge into repeating history. This collection of heavy hymns is from the heart, and it provides a necessary rise to our ever reckoning.