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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/21/2018
UPC: 711574828111

Right On Now! The Sounds of Northern Soul
Artist: Right On Now - Sounds Of Northern Soul / Various
Format: Vinyl


1. I Feel Good All Over - By Betty Lavette
2. Don't Forget About Me Baby - By Jeff Dale
3. With My Love and What You've Got - By Jean Wells
4. Burning Fire - By Arthur Conley
5. Git It - By The Invincibles
6. Never Let Me Go - By Chuck Jackson
7. Tired of Being Nobody - By The Valentinos
8. Coming Home To You Baby - By The Crossroads
9. I'm Through with Love - By Ike ; Tina Turner 1
10. Don't You Even Care - By Leslie Uggams 1
11. You're Such a Sweet Thing - By The Marvellos 1
12. That Ain't Right - By J.J. Jackson 1
13. What's Gonna Happen to Me - By Charlie Hodges 1
14. Across the Street - By Lenny O'Henry 1
15. Bella Dalena - By The Marketts 1
16. Good Lovin' - By The Olympics

More Info:

Gangway! Open the dance floor! This record is sure to get you on your feet. From Ike & Tina to Bettye LaVette, your Cuban heeled soles are sure to be worn through by the end of side B. This essential collection of rare northern soul tracks was curated from catalogs like Calla, Atco, Loma, and Jubilee. The tracks were remastered for vinyl at Infrasonic Mastering. The album is being pressed at Pallas in Germany, on a white, red, and blue swirl color vinyl, exclusively for Record Store Day 2018.

A1 Betty LaVette / I Feel Good All Over 1:57 A2 Jeff Dale / Don’t Forget About Me Baby 2:05 A3 Jean Wells / With My Love and What You’ve Got 2:28 A4 Arthur Conley / Burning Fire 2:24 A5 The Invicibles / Git It 2:12 A6 Chuck Jackson / Never Let Me Go 2:19 A7 The Valentinos / Tired of Being Nobody 2:56 A8 The Crossroads / Coming Home To You Baby 2:25
B1 Ike & Tina Turner / I’m Through with Love 2:31 B2 Leslie Uggams / Don’t You Even Care 2:05 B3 The Marvellos / You’re Such a Sweet Thing 2:13 B4 J.J. Jackson / That Ain’t Right 2:30 B5 Charlie Hodges / What’s Gonna Happen to Me 2:50 B6 Lenny O’Henry / Across the Street 2:20 B7 The Marketts / Bella Dalena 2:19 B8 The Olympics / Good Lovin’ 2:34