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Format: CD
Label: HVMU
Rel. Date: 11/20/2020
UPC: 711841542191

Resurrect The Faithful
Artist: Every Mothers Nightmare
Format: CD


1. Getaway
2. Breathe
3. Here's to the One's
4. Sin in My Heart
5. When It Goes Away
6. Resurrect the Faithful
7. Fray
8. Sorry Today
9. Unstained
10. Drown By Luv
11. Love Can Make You Blind (2020)

More Info:

Resurrect the Faithful' is a true testament of everything that EMN/Every Mother's Nightmare is today. This is the best album of my career, it is perfect in every way, at least to us. There isn't a song on it that I wished I could go back and fix or do differently. Everything is as it should be. We put a lot of heart and soul into this album. All of these songs were written and recorded during some very dark times both personally and all around. Only the strong survive and EMN/Every Mother's Nightmare is still here. There are two songs on this album, 'Getaway' and 'Love Can Make You Blind' that I thought needed some explaining. 'Getaway' is the transition song in my eyes that takes you from then to now. It was left over from the Grind sessions. We rewrote and reworked the song and it leads you perfectly from Grind to 'Resurrect the Faithful'. 'Love Can Make You Blind' is not a copy or trying to be anything other than this band's version of it. This is the way we play it now and how it sounds live. And, we figured we had the time in the studio to record it therefore, we did. How many times do you get to go back and record a song over in this business?This album is dedicated to YOU, our Faithful fans. We THANK YOU for sticking with us and always being there.We also dedicate the song 'Here's to The Ones' to our military. THANK YOU for all that you do and sacrifice to protect us.