Ra鷏 G髆ez - Raul Gomez


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 05/31/2024
UPC: 7119691294919

Raul Gomez
Artist: Ra鷏 G髆ez
Format: Vinyl


1. Preludio de Un Amor
2. Tema de la Sierra
3. Dacapo
4. Marinero Quiero Ser
5. Anatomia de Un Problema
6. Mi Samba Carnaval
7. Poema en la Playa
8. 6 Son
9. El Sonido de la Montan-A
10. Un Paseo a la Playa

More Info:

For the next reissue in Mr Bongo's Cuban Classics series, we look to Ra煤l G贸mez's entrancing 1977 Instrumental album. Presenting a unique blend of orchestral disco and jazz-funk, with Afro-Cuban flavours and soundtrack influences, it's rich with drum breaks, energy and evolving compositions. A record that forever keeps you guessing, powered by an exemplary orchestra at the top of their game.Cuban composer and singer Ra煤l G贸mez is most known for featuring in the groups Mirtha y Raul and Los Bucaneros alongside producing the Cuban classic Los Reyes 73 album, amongst a whole host of other incredible productions over the years. Released on Cuba's state-owned label Areito, Instrumental sees G贸mez not only as an instrumentalist and author, but also as a producer and arranger. It's an album that deftly evades pigeonholing. Floating between instrumental mood music and library/soundtrack mastery, followed by explosions of cosmic-Latin funk, psych guitar workouts and compositions that reflect the orchestrated disco coming out of the US at the time, from greats such as Love Unlimited or MFSB. Lace that together with a healthy serving of Afro-Cuban magic to underpin the tracks and it's a recipe for a record that captivates from start to finish.Predominantly an instrumental album as the title suggests, the record showcases the Orquesta EGREM in full flow, soaring strings and vibrant horns at every turn. Highlights include 'Mi Samba Carnaval' with it's breathtaking drum break, bubbling synths and sublime arrangements and the romantic film music impressions of 'Tema de la Sierra', that have been a sampling source for many a producer. Elsewhere, '6 Son' is a mind-melding psych guitar powerhouse, with 'Dacapo', written by Gilberto Peralta, offering up a slice of atmospheric and energetic Latin shuffle. One of only a handful of tracks where scat vocals compliment the orchestral tones, a Brazilian percussion theme marries with dancefloor sensibilities for a dose of feel-good, brilliance. A wide-ranging, multi-dimensional release, Instrumental exhibits musicianship, composition and creativity at it's finest and demonstrates another key example of the rich output of music that flowed from the island of Cuba post revolution.