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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 05/14/2021
UPC: 712198573654

Official Bootleg (Grn) [Limited Edition]
Artist: Evil I
Format: Vinyl


1. Money / Violence
2. Violated Virtue
3. Nugget Buttons
4. Big Time
5. So What?
6. Trend
7. Am I Agreeing?
8. Bored of Education
9. Give ; Take 1
10. Senior Citizens Today: Soylent Green Tomorrow

More Info:

'First ever official release of 1983 suburban hardcore masterpiece! These songs were recorded in west suburban Chicago in 1983 by Lombard, Illinois based Evil I. This record perfectly captures the spirit of the first wave of hardcore punk. Cutting vocals, tight rhythm, shredded guitar and a take no prisoners attitude make for a timeless hardcore document. Originally distributed by the band at shows, it remained largely unheard outside the Chicago scene until now. Mastered from the original tape and pressed into 160 gram green vinyl (500 pressed) in a 20pt board jacket with printed inner sleeve, lyric insert and liner notes by the band.