Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 02/18/2022
UPC: 712198573692

Bugs (Blk) [Colored Vinyl] [Limited Edition] (Ofgv) (Red) (Wht)
Artist: Erik Nervous
Format: Vinyl


1. Track 1
2. Bugs! 00:35
3. Track 3
4. Our Hungry Fruit 00:51
5. Track 5
6. Over There 01:58
7. Track 7
8. Living in the Woods 01:42
9. Track 9
10. Robot/Robot 01:15
11. Track 11
12. Instant This Instant That 01:54
13. Track 13
14. Futurekick Again 01:42
15. Track 15
16. Wrong Weird 02:59
17. Track 17
18. Piss Eyed Sleazoid 00:56
19. Track 19
20. Hey Baby 01:38
21. Track 21
22. Motivation 02:37
23. Track 23
24. Geiger Counter 02:01
25. Track 25
26. Bugs!! 00:31

More Info:

11 song 12' LP350gsm Jacket / A3 Poster insert Red, black or white vinyl - Limited edition of 1000 worldwide total (333 per color). Mastered for vinyl by Tom Withers a.k.a. Tommy Stupid on kind loan from Commercial Suicide Records UK.Computer Human, Drunken Sailor and Violent Pest have joined forces to bring you Erik Nervous' newest album in physical form. Now available on red, black or white wax in the hemisphere of your choosing. Recorded by Erik in 2020 and set into vinyl in 2021 for your consumption.'ERIK dropped the BETA BLOCKERS for this LP; he's going solo and the results are marvelous. Eleven tracks of DEVO-worshipping, synth-laden Midwest garage rock which sometimes veers into absolute hardcore mayhem. Songs are fast, hooks are catchy, riffs are sick, guitar solos are quick and frantic, with a vital impulse to push things to the extreme which is very alluring and fun. This kind of sound's been on a revival kick of sorts lately, I haven't been that interested in it to be honest, but ERIK NERVOUS delivers. Just listen to the chaotic opener 'Our Hungry Fruit,' ERIK never let's up the intensity throughout the record. This was released on cassette last year but now you can get it on red, white, or black vinyl. Be stiff!' - MIGUEL FRANCO, MRR #458'After numerous releases on Drunken Sailor, Total Punk, Neck Chop, then teaming up with The Beta Blockers for his last full release, Erik is back, this time on his own. Originally released on cassette in 2020, finally out now on vinyl. He might be on his own but damn, you wouldn't know it, right from the total punk of the opening track 'Our Hungry Fruit' there is no let up. Erik still has the Classic Midwest punk Devo influence, but with a 'new-new wave' sound that's been coming out of California and Saint Louis. Distorted, frantic, utterly aware of punk/hardcore/post-punk/whatever's past and it's limitations, but determined to find the lesser-explored gaps that lie between and make them his own. Erik still sprinkles his tunes with liberal doses of pop fairy dust. Buckle up, Bugs is the sound of the summer you didn't think you would get. Erik Nervous FOREVER.' - Drunken Sailor Records'We've been fans of Erik Nervous for a while now, watching his music get better and better with each release. Nowadays he's pretty much king of the Egg Punks, though I wouldn't even call Bugs! Egg punk anymore... this record doesn't sound anything like the Coneheads, lacking the lo-fi production values, goofy sense of humor, and sloppy playing style that characterizes most bands playing in that milieu. Instead, Bugs! #is a record that sounds much more classic. I'm a sucker for that sound that sits in the fuzzy space where hardcore, classic punk, and garage rock blend together. I loved it when the Dickies did it in the 70s, when the Zero Boys did it in the 80s, when Teengenerate did it in the 90s, when the Carbonas did it in the 00s, and I love what Erik Nervous is doing right now. While I want to put Bugs! #in that tradition of high-intensity, riff-oriented punk, it's also of a piece with recent records by bands like Dark Thoughts and Liquids; I think of these bands as pop-punk for (and likely by) people who also listen to Gauze. That might seem like an off the wall reference for something so catchy and song-oriented, but listen to 'Our Hungry Fruit,' the first proper track on Bugs!, and tell me you don't hear it... that track is a 50-second slice of lightning-fast, acrobatically played hardcore that sounds like something from Selfish Records rather than Lookout!. It's the only song in that vein, but fuck... what a way to start the record! From there, Erik returns to the nervy, catchy punk that he's known for, delivering his best batch of songs yet. Erik has released multiple EPs of Devo covers (specializing in fleshed-out versions of early tracks that only exist in raw, homemade recordings), and it's clear that he's moved beyond imitating superficial aspects of Devo's sound-the robotic rhythms and triumphant synth melodies-and has internalized the great songwriting that found it's best expression on Freedom of Choice. Like the Psico Galera record I also wrote about this week, this is one of those records I just can't stop playing... every time I flip past that awesome red, black, and white artwork I have to throw it on, and I never regret the choice.' - Sorry State RecordsSide A: 1. Bugs! 00:352. Our Hungry Fruit 00:513. Over There 01:584. Living In The Woods 01:425. Robot/Robot 01:156. Instant This Instant That 01:547. Futurekick Again 01:42Side B:1. Wrong Weird 02:592. Piss Eyed Sleazoid 00:563. Hey Baby 01:384. Motivation 02:375. Geiger Counter 02:016. Bugs!! 00:31