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Format: CD
Label: JYFL
Rel. Date: 06/01/2018
UPC: 714270691911

Artist: Richard Edwards
Format: CD


1. Gene
2. Beekeeper
3. Minefield
4. A Woman Who Can't Say No
5. Howlin' Heart
6. Olive Oyl
7. Something Wicked
8. Tornado Dreams
9. Strange 1
10. Pornographic Teens

More Info:

Verdugo is completely Richard Edwards, the result of an agonizing stretch of dissolution and, over time, regeneration. Best of all, it's not an end point, but merely the next station on a continuing journey. "It's somewhere between that last record and what will happen after that, and what was going to happen before," he says. "It comes from three years of having to get really quiet, and figure out what grows out of that."