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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/21/2021
UPC: 717101849024

Live In Copenhagen / Various
Artist: Live In Copenhagen / Various
Format: CD

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We've all experienced it: that special atmosphere before a concert begins. At Copenhagen Jazzhouse, many come early. They reserve the best seats with a piece of clothing and retreat to the bar to buy a beer and exchange a few words with musicians and friends, then return to their seat, anticipation growing. Some look around and notice that all the jazz critics are in attendance. In fact, it seems everyone is here this evening. In the final minutes, lights are dimmed and the intermission music turned off. Lars Thorborg, who runs Jazzhouse, takes the stage and introduces Rosa and the band. It's about to happen! The group comes on stage to enthusiatic applause and there she is - with us, right before us. With no further ado, the tempo is counted off and the concert begins. The band line-up couldn't have been better: Fabio Torres on piano, Paulu Paulelli on bass, and Celso de Almeida on drums and of course Rosa Passos on vocals and guitar. "Imagine you are rocking a baby to sleep. For me, that's Bossa Nova". - Rossa Passos