Jeff Parkhurst - Dark & Deep (Blk) [180 Gram] [Download Included]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/25/2024
UPC: 718483111129

Dark & Deep (Blk) [180 Gram] [Download Included]
Artist: Jeff Parkhurst
Format: Vinyl


1. Side 1:
2. Freewheelin
3. Track 3
4. Gto
5. Track 5
6. Sister Julianne
7. Track 7
8. Turn Me Out
9. Track 9
10. Something Larger (Luciferin)
11. Side 2: [Dark and Deep Suite]
12. Another Portrait
13. Track 13
14. Forget This Craziness
15. Track 15
16. 17 Layers
17. Track 17
18. Woods Are Dark and Deep

More Info:

Dark and Deep is Olympian Jeff Parkhurst's solo debut, 12 years in the making. Jeff is first a highly skilled drummer, but here he makes his first public foray as a singer, a multi-instrumentalist and most importantly, a songwriter, with nine quite varied songs that range from jazzy spoken word to thumping rock. In 2022, Jeff brought producer Tom Dyer aboard, taking tracks that he had recorded on a solo piano 10 years before and added new grooving drums. On "Freewheelin", add the late beat poet Charles Adler, space-jazz guitarist Joe Mailhot and Oly bass master Steve Lucino to take it to another level. Jeff descended through the "17 Layers" of Dante's Hell with John Ridgeway's cheerless accordion. Some songs are sharply autobiographical tales from Jeff's life, "Woods Are Dark and Deep" is famously and beautifully Robert Frost, fifty years after his death. This exceptional debut is pressed on 180 gram black vinyl and contains a download card.