Rockin' Horse - Yes It Is


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/03/2024
UPC: 720053285345

Yes It Is
Artist: Rockin' Horse
Format: CD


1. Biggest Gossip In Town
2. Oh Carol, I'm So Sad
3. You're Spending All My Money
4. Baby Walk Out With Your Darlin' Man
5. Don't You Ever Think I Cry
6. Yes It Is
7. Stayed Out Late Last Night
8. Delicate Situation
9. Son, Son
10. Golden Opportunity
11. I'm Trying To Forget You
12. Julian The Hooligan
13. You Say
14. I Ain't Got Time
15. Teddy Boyd's Rock'n'Roll Show

More Info:

Step back to 1971 and rediscover the pioneering power pop appeal of Rockin' Horse's 'Yes It Is', now remastered and expanded in this must-have reissue. Showcasing the combined songwriting genius of Liverpool legends Jimmy Campbell (23rd Turnoff) and Billy Kinsley (The Merseys, Liverpool Express), this album pays homage to the city's 1960s rock heritage while staking it's own claim in music history. Channeling the finest of the Beatles, Badfinger, The Band and Bob Dylan, Campbell's solid songcraft proves he remains an unsung hero of the Merseybeat scene. Remastered by Prof. Stoned and richly packaged with photos and notes, this reissue let's you experience Rockin' Horse's influential sound as never before.