Blood & Sun - Love & Ashes


Format: Vinyl
Label: NRDS
Rel. Date: 02/28/2020
UPC: 725987988720

Love & Ashes
Artist: Blood & Sun
Format: Vinyl


1. Resurrection Charm
2. Stone Wrote in Stone
3. Dusk Century
4. This Hate in Me Will Pass
5. By What Road?
6. Madrone
7. The Wanderer's Road
8. Love and Ashes
9. Until the Dawn

More Info:

With might and heart, Blood and Sun return. With resonant eloquence, Luke Tromiczak and friends plant a new seed into the murky soil of dark folk, birthing the heartfelt new album "Love and Ashes". Nine fresh songs lit a beacon of inspiration and knowledge into the desolate nights of the wilderness, and set a fire ablaze in our hearts, old and new friends alike.With Tromiczak's commanding baritone leading the way, "Love and Ashes" is lush with passionate drumming, sincere acoustic guitars and beautiful strings, warming your soul in times of darkness. Let the craft of Blood and Sun shine through your very being; welcome it with reverence, and rejoice in it's pastoral potential. Reflect on it's wisdom, and you shall be rewarded.Conceived at many different locations, "Love and Ashes" holds a dualistic feeling of home, and of wandering. Though strongly rooted in the American tradition and nature, a sense of universality permeates these nine tracks rich with steadfast chanting and wistful atmospheres. A sense of longing, by which it is most beautiful to get consumed. For this serene yet powerful creation filled with philosophical musings, the sky is the limit.