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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/29/2020
UPC: 725987989161

Artist: Drapsnatt
Format: CD

More Info:

When a cold wind sweeps the mountains, forests and plains, it's majesty freezing your very soul, it's hard not to get enthralled by the beauty that lies in the seams that connect death to life, cosmos to Earth, and man to nature. This liminal aspect is highly prevalent on Dr├ąpsnatt's third album Skelepht, which passing years have revealed as their mournfully eloquent swansong. Skelepht expertly weaves through a myriad of atmospheres; proud and ferocious riffs with heads held high, melancholic passages that tug at your heartstrings, soaring melodies and beats echoing throughout the skies, beautiful keyboards lending an aura of sophistication... It's all here. A full-bodied monster of atmospheric and melodic blackened metal with a hint of the magic of the 90's, and a whole dose of utter Westrobothnian darkness.