Rise Of The Northstar - Legacy Of Shi


Format: CD
Label: SRRT
Rel. Date: 10/19/2018
UPC: 727361460327

Legacy Of Shi
Artist: Rise Of The Northstar
Format: CD

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The coins dropping and clinging into the arcade game machines, the lights of the pachinkos and the lively Tokyo district have fuelled the musical inspiration and visual universe of a dirty bunch of furyos, dunces to the core, who thrive on Shonen Manga. The 5 band members have witnessed the golden age that has seen the birth and global expansion of American Hip-Hop, of MACHINE HEAD's and PANTERA's powerful groove metal, of New-York Hardcore, and of the catchy but uncompromising vibes of RATM, KORN or DEFTONES. ROTN is the merger of those two worlds: the messages of hope, bravery, and revenge spread by classic 80's Manga characters such as Kenshiro, Seiya, or Kawato, are brought to the listener's face through deadly thrash riffing and a destructive flow of words.