Kreator - London Apocalypticon - Live at the Roundhouse


Format: CD
Label: NBA
Rel. Date: 04/10/2020
UPC: 727361534400

London Apocalypticon - Live at the Roundhouse
Artist: Kreator
Format: CD


1. Choir of the Damned
2. Enemy of God
3. Hail to the Hordes
4. Awakening of the Gods
5. People of the Lie
6. Gods of Violence
7. Satan Is Real
8. Mars Mantra
9. Phantom Antichrist 1
10. Fallen Brother 1
11. Flag of Hate 1
12. Phobia 1
13. Hordes of Chaos 1
14. The Patriarch 1
15. Violent Revolution 1
16. Pleasure to Kill 1
17. Apocalypticon

More Info:

The material that comprises the Blu-ray and CD included with "London Apocalypticon - Live at the Roundhouse" covers the band's entire career. From early thrash classics like "Pleasure to Kill" and "People of the Lie" to the more contemporary burners like "Enemy of God" and "Satan is Real", this new release is made up of 55 songs and a variety of bonus video content, all of which has been meticulously labored over to produce the best ever Kreator live release