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Format: CD
Label: Nuclear Blast Americ
Rel. Date: 06/11/2021
UPC: 727361588724

Go Ahead & Die
Artist: Go Ahead & Die
Format: CD


1. Truckload Full of Bodies
2. Toxic Freedom
3. I.C.E. Cage
4. Isolated/Desolated
5. Prophets Prey
6. Punisher
7. El Cuco
8. G.A.A.D
9. Worth Less Than Piss
10. (In the) Slaughterline
11. Roadkill

More Info:

The debut record from Go Ahead And Die, a band featuring Igor Amadeus Cavalera, his father, extreme metal icon, and Soulfly band leader Max Cavalera, and Zach Coleman, madman behind blistering Black Curse and the critically acclaimed Khemmis