Pugh - Ja Da A Da (Mod)


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 01/19/2024
UPC: 730167345255

Ja Da A Da (Mod)
Artist: Pugh
Format: CD


1. Love, Love, Love
2. Här Kommer Natten
3. Surabaya Johnny
4. Små Lätta Moln
5. Dä Ä Bra, Dä Ä Fint
6. Jag Sitter Och Gungar
7. Signe
8. Colinda
9. Haru Sett Mej Va...
10. Du Tände Lyset Andersson

More Info:

With his early albums often seen as his most experimental and influential, Rogefeldt's debut arrived at a time when Swedish pop was almost exclusively sung in English. Released internationally in 1970 with Vault records Ja, Dä ä Dä made a huge impact on the scene with most of it's original material sung in Swedish and set an example for similar artist all around the world. With extravagant and emotive performances spreading wildly across each carefully curated but carefree track, this early psychedelic, prog-rock playground is as unique as it is effective and features standout tracks including 'Love, Love, Love', 'Här Kommer Natten' and 'Jag Sitter Och Gungar'.