Papa Lightfoot  George - Natchez Trace (Mod)


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 01/19/2024
UPC: 730167345590

Natchez Trace (Mod)
Artist: Papa Lightfoot George
Format: CD


1. My Woman Is Tired of Me Lyin'
2. New Mean Old Train
3. Love My Baby
4. Goin' Down That Muddy Road
5. Ah, Come on Honey
6. I Heard Somebody Crying
7. Take It Witcha
8. Nighttime

More Info:

When he burst onto the scene with his outrageous harmonica stomper 'Wine, Women and Whisky' in 1954, not much was known about Papa George Lightfoot, let alone his whereabouts. Things were gloriously like that in those days. Eventually tracked down by producer Steve LaVere to Natchez, Mississippi, the duo booked a session at the Malaco Sound Recording Studio in 1969 and laid down the deep south, harmonica jukejoint classic 'Natchez Trace'. With tracks including 'I Heard Somebody Crying' and 'Goin' Down That Muddy Road', these gut-wrenching, deep delta tunes are a first rate example of the formative downhome blues of the 1960s in Mississippi, and a wonderful testament to the raw power and energy of the Papa Lightfoot blues.