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Format: CD
Label: FDRC
Rel. Date: 11/20/2020
UPC: 731946464341

I saw first light
Artist: Anna Mcclellan
Format: CD


1. Con S Sewer
2. Raisin
3. Desperate
4. Feel You
5. To Prove
6. Pace of the Universe
7. Celery
8. Gone
9. Trying too Hard
10. Veronica
11. No Wind

More Info:

The third album from Omaha, NE-based songwriter, Anna McClellan entitled I saw first light obliquely relates a tumultuous year in the life of it's composer. Moving, geographically, from the heart of New York City to a bucolic retreat upstate, and finally back to her midwestern hometown of Omaha, NE, Anna also traversed emotional states - from the restless frenzy of urban life, to the enforced, depressive rumination of the country. Her vision - one artist's reckoning with her forebears and coevals, along with her ongoing obligation to use art as a tool for connection and understanding - coalesced, upon her return to Nebraska, with the help of local friends, into the album.