Valley - Sunburst


Format: CD
Label: VESN
Rel. Date: 09/11/2015
UPC: 7320470204269

Artist: Valley
Format: CD


1. Tunguska
2. Kiro
3. Dream Shooter, Golden!
4. Picture Puzzle Pattern Door

More Info:

2015 release from the post-rock band. It is a dynamic journey containing both bright and generous soundscapes as well as dark and distorted passages. Alongside an introverted, self-reflecting shoegazing post-rock the listener will experience influences from genres such as jazz, folk and 70s psychedelic rock. Deep and repetitive bass lines carry the guitars together with ethereal cymbals and percussive tom-toms. The superimposed drones, noise and synthesizer pads add an electronic dimension that brings bands such as Mogwai and Tortoise to mind. The playful cymbals and jazzy notes will furthermore remind the listener of other post-rock acts like Do Make Say Think, 1 Mile North and Tristeza. There is also a certain progressive and folky rock vibe to the music, a vibe that reverberates other Swedish bands such as November, Dungen and Folkvang.