Format: CD
Label: NRDS
Rel. Date: 12/23/2016
UPC: 7320470218723

Artist: Murg
Format: CD

More Info:

2016 release from the Swedish black metal band. After the success of their debut Varg & Björn (2015), Murg returns with yet another masterpiece. Murg is one of the most mysterious and interesting black metal bands in Sweden right now. Gudatall is a 40 minutes musical journey of distant, cold, atmospheric black metal. Risen from the ashes of what once was, this piece of art appears with the full fiery force of contemporary black metal. In a ferocious dance among coal dust and mists Gudatall occupies our senses with a strong sense of innovation and loneliness. Far from life itself, barefoot towards our origin, Murg is a raging cloud of soot and sulphur that pollute our lungs with a musical magic without equal. Blackened atmospheric and ferocious metal.