Klingwall Fredrik & Black Julia - Sentience (black Vinyl)


Format: Vinyl
Label: VICL
Rel. Date: 02/22/2019
UPC: 7320470235669

Sentience (black Vinyl)
Artist: Klingwall Fredrik & Black Julia
Format: Vinyl


1. The Fall
2. Black Snow
3. Collapse
4. Into the Dark Heart
5. Vespering Bells
6. Memoir
7. Last Breath
8. Night of Introspection
9. Estranged 1
10. At the Precipice

More Info:

Fredrik Klingwall & Julia Black have together with an ensemble of highly creative musicians forged the explosive emotional album SENTIENCE. Blending pop, rock and even jazzy sensibilities over dreamy cinematic surroundings. Julia's versatile vocals performed in several languages becomes a thrilling focal-point through which the music delivers an enigmatic blend of classical and experimental compositions. The achievement of SENTIENCE resides a lot in it's assembling. It was not bringing orphan musical ideas together that took several years to complete. It was the process of perfecting them. Two artists working online to envision a destination where the voice and compositions dance and breathe together. Reacting to each unexpected turn a new layer or musical motif could provide became an integral part of the process. Employing organic lively old instruments where each note brings an unexpected distinctiveness just as much as an inspired musical performance, or the happy accidents of exploratory sound processing. They all endeavor to become part of the whole.