Protestera - Kampen Gar Vidare


Format: CD
Label: HLV
Rel. Date: 06/07/2019
UPC: 7320470238790

Kampen Gar Vidare
Artist: Protestera
Format: CD


1. Intro
2. Kompromisslös kamp
3. Kärlekssången
4. Eko kamp
5. Vår media
6. Globalt uppror
7. Direkt aktion
8. Dom kan mörda revolutionärerna men inte revolutionen
9. Folklighet 1
10. Livsstilism 1
11. Kamp mot murarna 1
12. Outro

More Info:

2019 release. After Operation split up some members formed with their friends a new collective called Protestera. In comparison to Operation they deliver more midtempo anarcho-punk, but nonetheless it's way more aggressive than Operation ever were. On top of it they added a drum machine to their line-up and somehow they managed it that it sounds like a real drummer.