Format: CD
Label: Vicisolom Production
Rel. Date: 09/23/2022
UPC: 7320470260845

Sinking The
Artist: Manifest
Format: CD


1. Origins (Of Beebee ; BB)
2. Upriver
3. Jobkill
4. Final Curtain Fall
5. Mistakes
6. Infant Rage
7. Lgad (Bonus Track)
8. Sinking Part 1
9. Sinking Part 2
10. Meeting (Bonus Track)
11. Better Ideas ; Worse Solutions

More Info:

Making this album was kinda like working with concrete. Labouring at first, bur as we got the machine rolling it just came pouring out. The result we feel is solid as, well, concrete... It's definitely not easy-listening. About as subtle as a horny bull and equally gentle. We had a blast making it, and that really shines through in the final result! The Sinking was recorded in SorgÄrden Studio, Norway and produced by Manifest & Per Borten. Mixed & Mastered by Grammy award winning producer Oz Fritz in Ancient Wave Studio and High Velocity Studio, California USA. Cover artwork by Nikolai Serfass.