Bo-Dogs - Bad Bad Dog


Format: CD
Label: LWIM
Rel. Date: 12/02/2014
UPC: 7331936002121

Bad Bad Dog
Artist: Bo-Dogs
Format: CD

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Nisse Hellberg and Sator are superstars on the Swedish Rock 'n' Roll scene, both acts have been awarded with many gold records. With Bo-Dogs they set focus on raw, wild and energetic Garage and Pub Rock. Songs like 'Hey Mr. Oil Drop Man' would've left both Dr. Feelgood and Dave Edmunds green with envy. 'Why Don't You Explain' takes US back to the mid 80's when Swedish Garage Rock had it's prime and bands like Nomads, Creeps, Watermelon Men and Crimson Shadows ruled the alternative music charts. Think Swinging Neckbreakers, like unstoppable party mayhem! Fuzztone guitars blend with hot Bo Diddley rhythms and gets soaked with sexy tremolo tones. It all boils down to a tasty gumbo where sweat, sin and all things decadent are prominent ingredients. Bo-Dogs are essential to any fan of Garage Punk and Pub Rock!