Dawn Of Winter - Pray For Doom


Format: CD
Label: IHAT
Rel. Date: 12/21/2018
UPC: 7350006764639

Pray For Doom
Artist: Dawn Of Winter
Format: CD

More Info:

AS THE ACTUAL Dawn of Winter APPROACHES and the lands darken it's only fitting that Germany's tried and tested stalwarts of traditional doom stir from their lengthy slumber to set things straight. Because now that we live in an age where the doom metal genre has been used, abused, warped and distorted into something puritans would deem unrecognizable and flat out unsavory, Dawn of Winter stand tall as being fully committed and focused on 100% true doom. Depending on what kind of listener you are you might call that old fashioned and regressive but this is what the band has always wanted to do and what fans of the band have lovingly come to expect. Every ten years Dawn of Winter return with a new full-length having used the time in-between those releases to hone and perfect their craft and this time it's safe to say they have masterminded their magnum opus. The devotees of true doom crying out for salvation in these trying times have had their prayers heard and answered in their favor. Pray for me - Pray for you - Pray for doom.