Format: CD
Label: HPT
Catalog: 122357
Rel. Date: 01/09/2014
UPC: 7350010770213

Clear Light
Artist: Cherry Overdrive
Format: CD

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2003 has seen the birth of Cherry Overdrive. Four years down the line, the band have collected all-round press and radio recognition and toured extendedly in Denmark and Germany including shows alongside bands such as on Trial (DK), Colour Haze (D), the Flash Express (US) La Ira de Dios (PE) and headlining the Austrian "Sauzipf Rocks Festival". Lead singer Lene Kj'r Hvillum (ex the Davolinas) and lead guitarist Cecilia Cresso (ex Harry Lime, Drivers) have quite a few notches under their belt. We're not talking your average "chick band", Cherry Overdrive deliver straight-up garage with a 60ies twist and psyche stoner rock to boot with a tight, authentic, overwhelming live act you don't want to miss.