Screamin Eric - Shake It


Format: Vinyl
Label: HPT
Rel. Date: 01/09/2014
UPC: 7350010772071

Shake It
Artist: Screamin Eric
Format: Vinyl


1. I Couldn't Care Less
2. Drive You Home
3. I Love It, I've Had It
4. Trailer Camp Blues
5. My Brain Is Gone
6. I'm a Fool
7. Shake It!
8. What's Wrong with You
9. Bad Boogeyman 1
10. She's So Pretty 1
11. Won't Let You Out of My Sight 1
12. Little Girl

More Info:

Screamin' Eric's new album is once more filled with catchy songs played with shitloads of energy. But whereas the predecessor "Freak Show" was more one-dimensional in it's sound and style, "Shake It" presents a broader selection of songs rooted in mid-sixties garage rock and soul stomp, punk rock of the late seventies and a touch of delta blues, mixed together to make contemporary but yet old-fashioned sing-along rock'n'roll. This is an album that kicks rock bands of the very land of mediocrity in the balls with it's uncomplicated straightforwardness.