Knevrmind Meets Sith - KNEVRM!ND Meets SITH


Format: Vinyl
Label: Soul in the Horn
Rel. Date: 03/01/2024
UPC: 737123805921

Artist: Knevrmind Meets Sith
Format: Vinyl


1. Dna
2. Major Hot!
3. Matters of Time
4. Matters of Time (Instrumental)

More Info:

Soul In The Horn's latest release SITH Meets Knevrm!nd, produced by Karizma, is a must-have gem for every DJ's collection. Drawing inspiration from soul, hip-hop, Bmore club and classic house Side A is full of pure heat, featuring tracks "DNA" and "Major Hot." These high-octane bangers give hypnotic rhythms and gritty bass lines that will set the dance floor on fire, ensuring an electrifying experience for music enthusiasts. On the flip side, the enchanting "Matters of Time" unfolds, adding a sublime touch to the project with it's beautiful melodies and intricate synth lines. This track serves as a finale leaving listeners with a lingering sense of musical euphoria.