Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/01/2022
UPC: 738572302061

Never Let Me Go [Import Violet LP]
Artist: Placebo
Format: Vinyl


1. Forever Chemicals
2. Beautiful James
3. Hugz
4. Happy Birthday in the Sky
5. The Prodigal
6. Surrounded By Spies
7. Try Better Next Time
8. Sad White Reggae
9. Twin Demons
10. Chemtrails
11. This Is What You Wanted
12. Went Missing
13. Fix Yourself

More Info:

Limited colored vinyl. As great masters in cataloguing the human condition, Placebo's unique way of examining both it's flaws and beauty finds fertile ground in 2021. Crawling out of the pandemic into a landscape of intolerance, division, tech-saturation and imminent eco-catastrophe, theirs is a voice that has rarely felt more significant to contemporary discourse, and more appropriate to sing these stories to the world. Within the magnetic slow-burn of 'Surrounded By Spies' no punches are pulled in confronting the erosion of civil liberties, as Brian Molko's deft lyrical delivery is married to a creeping sense of claustrophobia that fittingly makes the walls feel as though they are closing in from all around.