Format: CD
Rel. Date: 07/29/2022
UPC: 7428475935932

Dare Enter
Artist: Big Bad Wulvs & Odb
Format: CD


1. Intro (Jack Bootie Scratch Commercial Videos)
2. U-Fi Respect Guns (Pliz-Cleo.P-O.D.B.)
3. Rock on (Crush Drama-Hunchback-Pliz)
4. Transform (Pliz-Crush Drama-Crew)
5. Inter-Instrumental
6. Wulf Rush (Wartime-World-Hunchback-Pliz)
7. The Money (O.D.B.-Pliz)
8. Mutha Fuckin Big (Crush Drama-Hunchback-Cleo P.)
9. Blowin Horn (Pliz-O.D.B.-Drinky)
10. We Need (World-Pliz-Crew)
11. Attatched-Connected (Pliz Aka Goldie Horn)
12. Verbs ; Questions (Crush Drama-Hunchback)
13. Wannabees (Pliz-O.D.B.)
14. The Money (O.D.B.-DJ Takonedoe Remix)

More Info:

CD reissue. "Dare Enter the Big Bad Wolves (Wulves) was recorded in 1997-1998 in my room built studio, some of the tracks were recorded on a 4 track (tascam) recorder, the others were recorded on a Roland VS-1680. Although the album wasn't complete I decided to put together a mixtape using the songs from the album, and had the mixtape selling out of FAT BEATS record store in lower Manhattan were we sold a number of copies before me and my cousin (Cleo-P) went on a 40 city tour with Ol' Dirty Bastard." -PLIZ