Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 10/10/2023
UPC: 744365698136

Angel And The Badman / (Mod)
Artist: Angel and the Badman
Format: DVD

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Wounded and on the run, notorious gunman Quirt Evans (John Wayne) gallops onto a farm owned by Quaker Thomas Worth (John Halloran) and his family. When Quirt urgently insists upon sending a telegram, Thomas and his daughter Penelope (Gail Russell) drive him into town. After wiring a claim to the land recorder's office, Quirt passes out. The compassionate Worth family tend to the delirious Quirt. Weeks later, gunmen Laredo Stevens (Bruce Cabot) and Hondo Jeffries (Louis Faust) ride into town looking for Quirt. Laredo offers to buy his claim. Quirt sets the price at $20,000. Laredo hands over $5,000 in gold and challenges Quirt to come after him for the balance. When Quirt and Penny find themselves beiing chased by Laredo and Hondo, their wagon plunges over a cliff into the river. Penny develops a dangerous fever, and the doctor informs Quirt that there is no hope for her, Quirt straps on his pistol and rides into town to exact revenge on Laredo and Hondo. A classic John Wayne epic filled with romance and action! Don't miss this timeless Wayne movie! (100 minutes - 1947 - Black & White - 4:3)