The Son of Monte Cristo - The Son Of Monte Cristo / (Mod)


Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 03/05/2024
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The Son Of Monte Cristo / (Mod)
Artist: The Son of Monte Cristo
Format: DVD

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The Son of Monte Cristo is an American adventure film starring Louis Hayward, Joan Bennett and George Sanders. In 1865, the proletarian General Gurko Lanen (George Sanders) becomes the dictator of the Grand Duchy of Lichtenburg located in the Balkans. Gurko suppresses the clergy, the free press and the Prime Minister Baron Von Neuhoff (Montagu Love). The rightful ruler of the Duchy, Grand Duchess Zona (Joan Bennett) makes her escape in the hopes of getting aid from Napolean III of France, and is pursued by a troop of Hussars loyal to Gurko. While on a hunting trip, the Count of Monte Cristo (Louis Hayward) rescues her, and escorts her to a neutral country while Gurko's Hussars violate international neutrality to return the Duchess Zona and her lady-in-waiting to Lichtenburg. The Count becomes enamored of Zona and undertakes to help her, visiting the Grand Duchy where he falls in with the underground resistance movement of Lichtenburg. The count befriends the loyal Lt. Dorner (Clayton Moore) of the palace guard who knows a variety of secret passages leading from the Grand Ducal Palace to the catacombs of the Grand Duchy. The Count discovers that Baron Von Neuhoff is to be executed, so he plays the part of a foolish international banker as he was previously asked for a large loan of French Francs by Gurko. Then, he overhears Gurdo meeting with the French Ambassador (George Renavent) who raises the question of human rights in the Grand Duchy. Gurko counters by saying he is signing a non-aggression pact with Russia to protect Lichentenburg from any French threats. Gurko schemes to gain the nation's loyalty by marrying the Grand Duchess and keeping his pact with Russia a secret. The Count becomes a masked freedom fighter named 'The Torch' and sets off to right the wrongs and capture the heart of the woman he loves. But will he? Watch this exciting adventure to find out how this marvellous story ends. (101 minutes - 1940 - Black & White - 4:3)