A Day To Remember - All I Want [Single] [Colored Vinyl]


Format: Vinyl
Label: VCR
Rel. Date: 04/16/2011
UPC: 746105063471

All I Want [Single] [Colored Vinyl]
Artist: A Day To Remember
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Returnable Version "All I Want" is the first single by A Day to Remember from their fourth studio album What Separates Me from You. It was released officially to radio stations in October 2010, and as a commercial single, albeit a limited edition 7" vinyl, in April 2011. Unlike the band's more-known Metalcore sound which incorporates growling vocals and breakdowns, the song uses almost none of these attributes, and instead shows a direction towards fast-paced pop punk with clean vocals. Lead vocalist, Jeremy McKinnon wrote the lyrics, while the music was written by himself, guitarist Kevin Skaff and A Day to Remember. McKinnon stated that the song is about "taking chances, and doing what you think is right regardless of what people might think. To be honest, what's more important? Live life, and be happy with yourself". McKinnon said in an 2011 interview with USAToday that the song is also "about being in a band."