Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/07/2023
UPC: 747742385223

Fragments - Expanded
Artist: Rachika Nayar
Format: Vinyl


1. memory as miniatures
2. clarity
3. gridlock
4. allegheny
5. softness
6. redeye
7. parking lots
8. forgiveness
9. notes of a crocodile
10. whateverness
11. august 31st
12. hawthorn
13. november
14. of gold
15. breaking lillac
16. intermittence
17. years ; years
18. interfaith medical

More Info:

Rachika Nayar's fragments (expanded) is a collection of sonic miniatures constructed from guitar loops created in the familiar comforts of her own bedroom. These cyclical, meditative pieces stem from an intimate part of Nayar's creative practice, revealing a deep source of self-exploration and restoration. A collision of midwestern emo and post-rock influences with virtuosic minimalist guitar, fragments (expanded) provides an intimacy between Nayar and those listening in parallel spaces, activating our collective past and shared unconscious experience. This expanded vinyl edition adds a full extra side of previously unreleased pieces and includes a high quality multi-format digital download.