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Format: Vinyl
Label: RVGI
Rel. Date: 04/16/2021
UPC: 747742391644

Artist: Dima Pantyushin / Lipsky,Sasha
Format: Vinyl


1. Promenade
2. Book
3. Enthusiast
4. Ray of Sunshine
5. Telephone
6. Changes
7. Pigeon
8. Inner Light
9. Nature
10. Chess
11. Time
12. House (With An Attic)
13. Position
14. Transition

More Info:

Peshekhod, the debut album from Dima Pantyushin & Sasha Lipsky, oscillates through an immaculate synth-pop ecosystem in which every shift feels both accurate in it's absurdity and divinely danceable. A window into the inner life of a wandering Muscovite, Peshekhod is a picaresque in miniature, a record that explores the stations of the day in deft detail with a distinctly dry Russian wit.