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Format: LP
Label: Feeding Tube Records
Rel. Date: 04/21/2018
UPC: 752830264311

Artist: Laser Pace
Format: LP

More Info:

Reissue of the only prog LP Takoma Records ever released -- the 1974 slab by L.A.'s Laser Pace. The album's title, Granfalloon, is a term created by the late Kurt Vonnegut to describe a bunch of people who pretend to be an affinity group without having any actual affinity for each other. We're uncertain if that is suppose to refer to factions inside Laser Pace, but no matter. The album is probably the strangest pieces of wax dripped by Takoma (apart from Charlie Nothing, natch) and seems wildly out of synch with the label's presumed focus. But is a goddamn monster of odd charm, no two ways about it.

A1 Closet Casualty  A2 Avatar A3 (Whoever) You Are (You) A4 Sky Fell B1 Endless B2 Oh Yeah? B3 Redemption  B4 Scatter