Format: Vinyl
Label: Brainorchestra
Rel. Date: 02/10/2023
UPC: 754003286663

It Means A Lot (Ep)
Artist: Brainorchestra
Format: Vinyl


1. Water, Yeast, Flour
2. Mountains
3. Dollar Dollar Bill (Feat. Butch Dawson)
4. It Means a Lot
5. Thin Patience
6. The Best in It (Feat. Kenn Starr)
7. Sequence
8. How You Getting Yours?
9. Instrumentals

More Info:

New Jersey-based emcee/producer Brainorchestra returns with his latest effort, It Means A Lot. The eight track EP takes a look into his new perspective on life following the success of his previous release, Big Brain, which has made a major impact on his career. Pieced together by unapologetic honesty, new experiences and growth, Brainorchestra is joined by a supporting cast that includes both Butch Dawson and Kenn Starr, we are witnessing the start of practice paying off. The record is produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by the fast-rising artist, and comes equipped with the b-side instrumentals. It Means A Lot is set to be released through his recent partnership with Fat Beats.