Format: CD
Rel. Date: 03/31/2023
UPC: 754003288148

Amen Seat
Artist: Amen Seat
Format: CD


1. Prelude
2. Bright Colors
3. Surface
4. Plague Time
5. Obligatory
6. Argue Back
7. Leave When I Say Go
8. Fanatic
9. Plague Coda
10. Suffering Pleasure
11. Hymny
12. The Broadcast

More Info:

Amen Seat is music for anyone's inner insane teenage girl. This duo project from MCB & Wobbly (of Negativland), presents a wide pallet of agreeably disorienting sounds that lunge, shriek and panic their way into song-like shapes. If one must dance for a living, this is the album to set yourself on fire to, music to break up with yourself over - a message in a bottle from vocalist MCB's younger self, reflecting the deeply personal and universal truths about the patriarchal institutions which shape our lives. Flutes, percussion, choral vocals and musique concrète flow together here to stare down the myths of the last two to five thousand years. The duo are joined by Jonathan Snipes of Clipping. (Sub Pop), Drew Daniel of Matmos (Thrill Jockey), Corey Fogel of Julia Holter's ensemble (Domino), Zeena Parkins, Craig McFarland, and Dominique Leone. This is Amen Seat's first album.