Format: Cassette
Rel. Date: 08/18/2023
UPC: 7540032885068

Auditions For Patron Saint Ov Cop Suicide
Artist: Thx1312
Format: Cassette


1. (not suicide-by-cop but rather when they off themselves)
2. Destroy It Yourself (RMX1312)
3. Take a Bite Via Crime (RMX1312)
4. FIRE (what's orange and looks good on cops)
5. Police Truck Set on Fire (RMX1312)
6. Destination Unknown (part 1)
7. Gabber Assassin (extended)
8. Hardcore Will Never Die (RMX1312)
9. Precious
10. Disarm The Police (literally dismember them)
11. Yes this is about (redacted)
12. Samhain Speedcore
13. Riot Porn
14. Self Checkout Fucking Rules!

More Info:

THX1312 returns for his 3rd album on Deathbomb Arc. Light your cassette deck on fire as you play it. From the artist: "I know this music sounds like Itchy & Scratchy, but the fight it refers to is real, and sooner or later no one can hide from that. Beyond the problem of racist police are the global corporations perpetuating human slaughter and destruction of the only planet we have available for life. Maybe you've heard it before, "Earth isn't dying, it's being killed, and the people killing it have names and addresses." Cops are what is between us and those exact people."