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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 09/11/2020
UPC: 755757124621

Old Road New Again
Artist: Dillards
Format: CD

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'Old Road New Again' is the newest offering from the legendary group, The Dillards who played Mayberry's 'The Darlings' on The Andy Griffith Show.In his own words, 'This recording is the bookend to' 'Wheatstraw Suite'. The Dillard's reference, of course, is to the historically acclaimed Elektra Records release that countless Country Rock, Progressive Bluegrass, and Pop artists claim as their inspiration.In this recording, The Dillard's and Grammy-winning engineer, Bil Vorndick gathered songs from every music genre that The Dillards have represented-Bluegrass, Country Rock, Americana, and Pop. The lyrics and the exemplary musicianship of The Dillards and friends form an extraordinary listening experience to touch the hearts of people of varied musical taste.The icing on this musical cake is the reunion of Dillard and legendary friends, Don Henley, Herb Pederson, Bernie Leadon, Ricky Skaggs, Sharon and Cheryl White, and Sam Bush."Old Road New Again" is an American musical journey at it's best.