Format: CD
Label: Pinecastle
Rel. Date: 11/05/2021
UPC: 755757126120

Small Town Dreamer
Artist: Mosley, Daryl
Format: CD


1. Transistor Radio
2. Hillbilly Dust
3. The Last Of His Kind
4. Bringing Simple Back
5. He's With Me
6. The Waverly Train Disaster
7. You Are The Reason
8. I Can't Go Home Anymore
9. The Way I Was Raised
10. Mama's Bible
11. Here's To The Dreamers
12. Sing Me A Song About A Train

More Info:

The fall of 2021 will see the release of Mosley's sophomore effort for Pinecastle Records. Small Town Dreamer will feature a dozen of his originals including the nostalgic first single Transistor Radio as well as a tribute to the working man called The Last of His Kind and a haunting telling of the tragic 1978 train derailment and explosion with The Waverly Train Disaster.