Format: CD
Label: Ripride Records
Rel. Date: 08/05/2022
UPC: 760137106852

Artist: Amulett
Format: CD


1. Overtura (Das Amulettum)
2. Sweet Point
3. Babylon Fire
4. El Barquero
5. Glassbreaker
6. Diamantes y Sal
7. Ghost Town
8. El Camino Subterraneo

More Info:

Amulett from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the band was formed just about two years ago due to the member's passion for music and particularly old heavy metal and classic hard rock. This debut album was recorded inspired by bands like Blue Oyster Cult, U.F.O., Riot, Rainbow, Alice Cooper Band, Nazareth, Thin Lizzy and also new bands like Horisont, Night, High Spirits, Hällas and Bomber etc.