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Format: DVD
Label: JUNF
Rel. Date: 08/27/2019
UPC: 760137238393


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Albert Pascoe (Donald Houston, The Longest Day), a Cornish fisherman, is approached by a strange woman Anna (Delphi Lawrence, The Man Who Could Cheat Death) and two men to smuggle them across the English channel, unaware that they are criminals having stolen top secret documents and killing a man in the process. During their voyage, Pascoe overhears his suspicious guests talking about the murder and turns the boat back towards Cornwall, but fixing the compass to give the impression to the passengers that they are still on course for the French coast. But when Pascoe learns his life is now in danger, will he make it back alive before they discover their true destination?This classic noir thriller features all-star supporting cast that includes Fay Compton (The Haunting), Anton Diffring (Where Eagles Dare), Allan Cuthbertson (The Guns of Navarone) and Frank Lawton (A Night to Remember).