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Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 08/11/2020
UPC: 760137378990

Strange Coffee

More Info:

Chubby is the boss of Chubby Café. She has four lovely employees: Lazy, Petty, Anger and Simple; each with a distinct personality. One day they saved a mysterious woman named Illusion from a suitcase. Illusion lost her memory and tried to find out who put her in the suitcase and delivered her to Chubby Café. Three groups of customers come to her attention: two crying little girls from the orphanage; two passionate lovers; and a homeless man who makes lots of trouble. Illusion eventually realizes all of the people are related to her. Chubby and she are like the two crying little girls who grew up together in the orphanage. The passionate couple represents her and her boyfriend. The homeless man is her biological father, who left home to find Illusion. At one time, in pursuit of "love", Illusion abandoned Chubby and her father. But at the last moment of her life, she regrets. She realizes who are the most important people in her life. Hopelessness can offer power. It's never too late to restart.