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Format: CD
Label: GVPR
Rel. Date: 10/16/2020
UPC: 760137413028

Artist: Needful Things
Format: CD


1. Judgement
2. Silence Is A Key
3. Small Bonus
4. Shut The Fuck Up
5. Always The Last
6. I'll Die and Rests Stay Awful
7. Cunts Around The Brain
8. Extreme Way
9. Without Emotions 1
10. Rich Bitch 1
11. Not To Be Like Them 1
12. Never More 1
13. Half Truth 1
14. To Be A Part 1
15. Hatred

More Info:

Needful Things brings you their third full length in 23 years. 15 new Grinding tracks with a tight sound! This is their third studio album of the grindcore veterans from Czech Republic. They started back in 1995 and 23 years later they come out with "Deception". 15 new songs recorded at Davos studio by Otin - they bring you heavy and tight grindcore. Recorded by Otin in Davos Studio and vocals at Walter Sobchack studio. Cover artwork made by the mighty Szym Siech.