Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 07/20/2021
UPC: 760137509790

Christmas Tears

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Three friends find themselves desperately needing a divine intervention during the Christmas Holidays. Their families are crumbling in front of their eyes. One is the son of the kidnapped contractor who was working in the Middle East, one lost his job and is about to lose everything including his wife and child, the other is a Christian that has lost his faith in God since losing his mother for the holidays. It is an inspirational story of three friends that are economically and emotionally destroyed. Their looking for a solution to make things a little bit better, not only for themselves, but for their love ones. Desperate times, calls for desperate measures. This leads them to do the unthinkable. Their faith, dreams and hopes are tested in this very touching and inspirational novel. This is a fantasy that will touch your heart. It is based on what's happening in today's times.