Format: Vinyl
Label: Big Neck Records
Rel. Date: 11/05/2021
UPC: 760137763710

Dracula Invitational 1791
Artist: Hamiltones
Format: Vinyl


1. Dracula Invitational 1791
2. Rise and Moonshiine
3. Night Court Pt. 1
4. Oh No, We've Made a Terrible Mistake
5. Night Court Pt. 2
6. Garlic Cross
7. Midnight Approaches
8. Whole Lotta Suckin Going On
9. Hemoglobin the Magnificent
10. Night Court Part 3
11. What if We Don't Eat the Musicians
12. Night Court Part 4
13. And We Are All Draculas

More Info:

The 2nd pressing of the LP on "Ghoulish Green" Semi-Transparent vinyl. Same gatefold art. Red Wax Sealed letter. Bonus "Movie Premier Poster" + MoreYou are about to hear the score of the most ridiculous, b-movie Dracula film no one has ever seen (and may not even really exist).