Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 03/08/2022
UPC: 760137849292

Bridgewater Triangle: Paranormal Vortex
Artist: Bridgewater Triangle: Paranormal Vortex
Format: DVD

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The Bridgewater Triangle in Southeastern, Mass. Is a place where truly paranormal encounters abound. Sightings of UFOs, bigfoot, ghostly apparitions, giant birds, devil dogs and roaming spirits occur frequently. The triangle features a number of sites said to possess an energy unlike any other area in the state. Researchers have long deemed the triangle a breeding ground for spectral and supernatural activity with perhaps the widest range of phenomenon of any place on Earth. Some call it 200 square miles of hell and will never return after experiencing the unexplainable strangeness that includes orbs, poltergeists, aliens, giant snakes and monster like cryptid creatures. Explore this very real and truly paranormal vortex from another dimension.